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2015 New Replica Hermes HerBag For Cheap Sale

A prominent Manhattan gynecologist is suing a Hamptons merchant for selling her a fake Hermes handbag for more than $3,400 and claiming it had been authenticated.In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Dr. Tara Allmen says she discovered that the orange "Replica Hermes So Kelly handbag with palladium hardware" was a phony in June 2013 when she took it to the Hermes store in Manhattan to be cleaned.

The store refused to clean the limited edition bag because it was not authentic, the suit says.The doctor, an Upper West Side resident who often appears on television to talk about her specialty practice in menopause, said the Hermes clerk knew all the telltale signs of a fake bag:The "palladium" hardware had tarnished; the bag was missing an inside stamp that shows the year it was made and the artisan's name; the zipper pull on an inside pocket was not stamped with the name Hermes and it hung down instead of remaining straight position when closed.

If the bag had been real, it would have sold for as much as $20,000 when it was new. Allmen paid less because it was used.Allmen is suing Tisha Collette, who sells lightly used luxury Replica Hermes HerBag goods at consignment shops in Manhattan, Sag Harbor and Southampton where the doctor says she bought her bag in 2005.The merchant's website says "Collette is a mini empire of elegant and well curated consignment stores (with) a loyal following of fashion conscious fashionistas" looking for goods by Hermes, Missoni, Chanel, Tiffany, Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent.

Allmen's lawyer, Joseph Vitulli, said the shop owner knowingly sells fake items."It's terrible behavior," he said. "No one would spend $3,500 on a completely fake bag that you could buy on the street in Chinatown for $50. Shame, shame, shame on her."Collette denied that she had sold Allmen a Replica Hermes Shopping bag."I have five Birkins in my stores at the moment. I don't sell copies," she told the Daily News.Collette said that when Allmen came back with the bag last year, she offered to give the doctor a full store credit because "she used to be a very good customer."

Allmen agreed to take the offer but changed her mind two days later, Collette said.Allmen in a telephone interview denied that. She told The News that Collette offered to give her partial credit and add to that whatever she could get for selling Allmen's Replica Hermes Steven bag."That would have just compounded the problem. I certainly wasn't going to try to get over on the next customer. I wanted a full refund. And she was not contrite or apologetic. I decided to hold her accountable," Allmen said.Allmen said that when she bought the Replica Hermes Tool Box, she knew little about Birkin bags or how to spot a fake.